chirping in Italian

I’m a nature guide and field biologist constantly engaged in exploring natural environments and observing the flora and fauna of Italy, armed with backpack, hiking boots, binoculars, and spotting scopes.

For more than two decades, I have dedicated my efforts to guiding birdwatchers and nature lovers throughout Italy. My passion and deep knowledge of the “Boot” in all its aspects have motivated me to help people discover the natural beauty of my country. With significant experience in the field of ornithology, I create and plan trips and tours focused on birds and their environments.

Whether it’s along mountain trails, the shores of lakes and lagoons, or quiet roads in the bucolic Italian countryside, my support can make all the difference for those in search of a meaningful experience with nature, for a single day or over the course of a longer stay. This is especially true if you are looking for the most beautiful and interesting bird species that inhabit the vast range of habitats Italy has on offer.

Like any self-respecting Italians, I am also experts in wine and food, additional vital ingredients of the trips you can take with me. I am also eager to share my knowledge of the local history, culture, and traditions that, over the millennia, have shaped the landscapes and environments of each region of Italy.

I like to be with curious people who are eager for knowledge and open to adventure (nothing especially challenging, of course).