Services and fees

I am a birding guide operating in compliance with all Italian and European laws. The guiding services performed during birding tours are part of the sanctioned activities of the nature guide.

My aim is to provide professional guiding for you on birding trips, whether you are an individual, a couple, or a small group of friends. I can take you, binoculars in hand, to discover areas ideal for birdwatching; the experiences I offer are always run in a friendly way and carefully tuned to meet your needs.

Depending on where you want to spend your vacation and what particular species you would like to observe, I can give advice and suggestions to plan custom tours at the highest level. These can be one or more days in all areas of Italy.

My fees:
daily excursions starting from Euro 250
half-day excursions starting from Euro 200

Because my tours are customized, the price varies depending on the region and on the number of people in your group. In the case of multiple day excursions, I ask for reimbursement of our fuel and room and board costs.

For groups of enthusiasts who want to organize a tour and need services such as hotel reservations and bus transfers, I can work closely in partnership with S-Cape Travel

In historical and archaeological sites, I am permitted to provide only ornithological and natural history observations, but I can arrange for a cooperative outing with a licensed touristic guide.

Are you passionate about birdwatching? Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or pro birder, you can join me for a phenomenal birding experience!