The great artists have always been inspired by the environments of Tuscany

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Italy works on improving the conservation status of habitat and rare species of birds

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In Rome you don’t just see birds, you see them inside a uniquely historical and artistic heritage

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took a tour in Maremma to fill your list with new species and your eyes with jaw-dropping beauty

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Lets walk through the ancient ruins while European bee-eaters claimed possession of the territory

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Birding in Italy. Colors that fill the sky, not only the Italian frescos

“Nothing to see in Italy but sparrows.” You may still hear this from some segments of the birding community. But they are entirely wrong.

As a natural north-south bridge between Europe and Africa, Italy is a vitally important region for more than 550 bird species, both migrants and breeders. More than 20% of the “Boot” is under environmental protection, and those areas include many of the most famous reserves and sanctuaries in all of Europe, featuring the greatest diversity of wildlife and habitats anywhere in the European Union.

That diversity is due in part to Italy’s astounding range of habitats, created by a unique set of geological and climatic conditions. Equally crucial, though, is the venerable history of human influence on this complex land. In Italy, as almost nowhere else, the natural and the cultural merge. Historic cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence are set in spectacular landscapes that they have helped forge over the centuries.

The cypress-topped hills of Tuscany; the sublime starkness of the Alps, the Dolomites, and the Apennines; the crystalline elegance of the northern lakes; the rugged coastline with its innumerable crenellated villages: all are guaranteed to enchant birders and nature lovers, who will find themselves returning again and again.

These varied landscapes, home to some of the rarest birds in Europe, offer a lifetime’s worth of birding. Italians today are proud of their country’s rich environment, and eager to share it with visitors. So grab your passport and binoculars and come explore Europe’s finest birdwatching paradise, its culture, its history, and its superb natural beauty.  

Classical Tuscany

Where but in Tuscany can you see hoopoes nesting in a country house and rollers bounding implausibly across an olive grove


Venice Lagoon

Take a boat trip into the shallow waters of Venice Lagoon, where flamingoes can be seen from a unique perspective


The Apennines

A majestic range of limestone and sandstone peaks marked by deep canyons and some of Europe’s oldest forests

The land of towering pinnacles where grasslands, glaciers, and fairy-tale villages create a uniquely appealing patchwork


Enjoy a birding trip in the south, visiting wildlife refuges and staying at family-run guesthouses where owls perch at the top of the chimney


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