Birding in Italy… it is really worth doing it!

Birding in Italy is the website for those who want to discover this country through binoculars’ lenses. Italy’s birdwatching opportunities will surprise and delight you, whether you’re a serious observer or a casual birdwatcher. The old rumor, “Nothing to see but House Sparrows,” is completely wrong, and more and more visiting birders are having their eyes opened to the more than 550 species that call the peninsula home, from waterfowl to songbirds. 

Today, Italy is a must for the keen birder and wildlife enthusiast. Birding “The Boot” is productive at any season, with local specialties, winter visitors, and migrants of all kinds crossing from continental Europe to Africa and back each year. This natural bridge across the Mediterranean attracts some of the rarest nesting birds in Europe.

Italy preserves a wide range of natural habitats due the different biogeographic, geomorphologic and climatic conditions you can find going from North to South. Italy is among the Southernmost countries in Europe, but also the Northernmost country in the Mediterranean. The millennial relationship between humans and nature has been another crucial factor for the extreme complexity of environments and landscapes.   

The heterogeneity of natural habitats offers many opportunities to watch birds, starting from species typical of the Siberian taiga, as the Pygmy Owl, to Indo-African species as the Bonelli´s Eagle.

More than 20% of the italian territory is protected thanks to the well managed National Parks, Nature Reserve and Natura 2000 sites. There are good birding sites in every Italian region, such as Tuscany, Umbria, Apulia, Sardinia, Veneto and Sicily.

Best of all, in Italy you will be indulging your passion for birding against the backdrop of a world-class holiday destination. You combine the birds with all the aspects Italy is famous for: delicious local food, wine, historic villages and archaeological sites. ……with a guide to take you off the beaten track, and you have all the ingredients for an unforgettable holiday!


CISO-COI Check-list of Italian birds-2020


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Hoopoe is a common summer visitor in Italy

Birding in the coastal pine forests of TuscanyKingfisher - one of the most appealing birds of Italy

The typical rolling hills landscape of Tuscany