The Alps and Dolomites

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Alps and Dolomites – at the feet of the giants

The Italian Alps and Dolomites are one of Europe’s few remaining wildernesses, a fairy-like scene of pinnacles, towers, and sheer walls. The landscapes are varied with woodlands, grasslands, huge glaciers, and spectacular waterfalls, a diversity of habitats that makes these mountains important refuges for the preservation of biodiversity. This is an ideal setting for the life of a rich and various wildlife and for a visit leading to the discovery of the wonderful world of the high mountains. The Alps and the Dolomites are also an outdoor museum of the ancient civilizations. All these aspects attract researchers and enthusiasts and have always seduced tourists and nature lovers.
The extremely rich bird life of these areas includes Goshawk, Tengmalm’s and Pygmy Owls, and Three-toed and Black Woodpeckers. Snowfinch, Wheatear and Alpine Chough live among cliffs and grasslands. Coniferous woodlands are the ideal habitat for Capercaillie and Hazel Grouse, while Black Grouse prefers treeline habitats. Rock Ptarmigan and Rock Partridge live even higher up, between alpine grasslands and cliffs. Among the area’s man other specialties are Griffon Vulture, Lammergeier, Rufous-tailed Rock-Thrush, Alpine Accentor, and Wallcreeper.
The Italian Alps and Dolomites are easily reached from Venice, Milan, Verona, Cortina, Turin, and Bolzano.