Marco Valtriani

I am both a biologist and a licensed nature guide with extensive experience in scientific research and ecotourism. I’m a passionate hiker, birder, and field researcher who has spent years exploring wild areas in Italy and around the world, from Europe to Africa, Asia, and Southern America. Tuscany is the region where I live with my family.birding guide
Working as a professional birding guide and tour planner, I create and lead birding tours for international conservation organizations, schools, and private travelers. I have collaborated in environmental impact studies, scientific wildlife surveys, and educational efforts in ecology and environmental issues and have been guiding nature lovers since 1999 in Italy and abroad. I have written scientific papers and articles on the birds and natural landscapes of central Italy, and co-authored guides to Tuscany’s natural habitats, trails, and wildlife.
I love sharing my knowledge with anyone and everyone! My binoculars and scope always follow me when I travel, during bird migration camps and, of course, on my excursions.
Go birding in fascinating archaeological sites Do you want to spend time birding while exploring the local history, culture, local food and wine? Are you looking forward to finding the best birds in Italy and visiting the most scenic birding locales?
On my tours, we can explore different types of habitats to maximize the chance of seeing a variety of bird species, along with mammals, reptiles, amphibians as well as butterflies, dragonflies, and wildflowers.
Thanks to my experience and expertise, I will design your own memorable and unique birding tour. You will fill your list with new species and your eyes with jaw-dropping beauty.