Daniele Cavazzoni

I was born and grew up in a farmhouse deep in the Tuscan countryside. My early passion for nature led me to explore all the Italian regions, from the Alps to the southern archipelagos.
Ever since I was a child, I’ve helped my dad to make amazing “pecorino” sheep cheese at our organic farm, enjoying the pleasure of working with animals and get close to nature.
I’ve studied Wildlife Conservation at the University of Siena. Throughout the course of my studies, I had the chance to join bird camps to observe seasonal migrations and take part to a wonderful internship at the Maremma Regional Park to study the breeding and nesting behavior of raptors.
In 2009 I started working abroad as a nature guide for an international tour operator, alternating working periods with travels and adventures in tropical countries, looking for nature all over: deep in the water (as
snorkeling instructor in Seychelles and Maldives), on the ground (as a safari guide in the African Savannah) and in the sky (everywhere my binoculars could reach, as a passionate birdwatcher).
All these experiences abroad greatly increased my professional knowledge (and my bookcase too!).
Since 2013 I’ve been working as a licensed nature guide in my beloved homeland. My job is the perfect way to transmit my passion for nature to others, sharing the pleasure of exploration and the continuous
discovery of new places and traditions.
I’m a route designer for an international company too, I assist travelers from all over the world in their walking holidays through Tuscany.
I’m also involved in environmental education with museums, schools and local organizations.
I always keep an eye on the sky during my walks and the everyday life, feeling amazed by new sightings and close encounters with birds. It’s incredible how many diverse landscapes and wildlife can be seen along our “Boot” (Italian peninsula): every year I travel around Italy, and I’m astonished at its richness!
When I’m not travelling or birding, I love listening to music (mainly rock and blues) and playing it (drums and bass). I’ve been in several bands…and now planning to go back on the stage!